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Our Beloved Retirees

The life we share with our dogs is truly Top-Notch! We have been through many wonderful experiences together: puppyhood, training, playing games, walking in the woods, motherhood, fatherhood, dog shows, vacations, birthings, grooming, LGDs keeping our stock safe from predators and lots and lots of cuddles and love. They have given their very best to all of us on the farm and we strive daily to make certain that they all know how much they are appreciated and loved. It is an honor to know each one.


There comes a time when our adult dogs are retired from our breeding program. It is our dream to find loving, forever families for each of our retirees and demonstrate our appreciation by securing  a forever home upon retirement. Each dog is special and has so much more life to share. We can't emphasize enough how rewarding it is to adopt one of our adult dogs. 

Available Adult Dogs

Forest Grove Farm's Artemis

Artemis was born on the farm, Glen and Bora’s liter, 3/30/21. She is affectionate, loves her people and desires to be close to them. She would make an ideal companion.


Previously, she lived on a large farm where their LGD training style allowed her to be unsupervised on their livestock lot, for long periods. Then on weekends, she was confined to a small kennel. So, she is back with us because she didn’t receive effective LGD training and made some poor choices on her own. 


She has been working/training with our older LGDs Rodolphe, Solly, Magoo and our goats.  We have consistently been monitoring them and she has picked up on appropriate LGD skills. She’ll need continued structure, discipline and guidance (from an older LGD or experienced Anatolian family) in her new home/farm as well.  She will be rehomed at $250.00/fee on a spay contract. 

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